The tow ball load is the amount of weight a fully loaded trailer or caravan vertically imposes on the tow bar of the towing vehicle.

Just like all other towing specifications, the tow ball load must not be exceeded.

If you own a small trailer than the tow ball load is not usually a issue unless your towing vehicle has a low tow ball load specification. This can be the case with some small vehicles and some European vehicles. Heavier trailers such as horse floats and caravans can often place a heavy tow ball load onto the towing vehicle.

Many times you can adjust your tow ball load by changing the way your trailer or caravan is loaded. Both too much or too little tow ball load can cause problems when towing. You want to try and keep your heaviest items positioned over the axle and work out from there with your load.

The tow ball load should be approximately 8%-10% of the trailers GVM / GTM but you should not rely on this “guessed” weight for every trailer. If you are unsure what your tow ball load is you can book an appointment at Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre and we can measure this for you.