Are you part of the majority? Do you wait until summer starts to get your boat trailer serviced or repaired?

Did you know that you would be better to service your trailer in the off season – the winter months – when you don’t want to be using your boat.

Many people don’t think about the implications of waiting until summer to service their trailer – Perhaps the service centre will be booked out the day you want to book it in. The weather may be perfect for a day on the water and you boat and trailer may be stuck in the service centre.

What if your trailer needs major repairs – do you want to miss a weekend or two of prime boating season just because it is in the shop getting repaired? In warmer months it can be harder to source some trailer parts as the demand for them can outweigh supply at times. This could also hamper your boating plans.

Make sure you book your trailer in for servicing at the end of summer or during winter. This way you can rest in the knowledge that when the first hot day arrives you can simply hook the boat and trailer up to the car and get out on the water.

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