For your safety and the safety of other road users, it’s critical to know your towing weights and making sure you are towing under your maximum limits.


TARE: Tare Mass: The weight of the trailer or caravan at the completion of manufacture, empty with no added accessories or fluids and unhitched form the tow vehicle.

ATM: Aggregate Trailer Mass: The “allowed total weight of the trailer or caravan specified by the manufacturer when fully loaded and unhitched from the tow vehicle.

GTM: Gross Trailer Mass: Total weight of your trailer or caravan when fully loaded and atatched to the tow vehicle.

GCM: Gross Combined Mass: The combined weight of your tow vehicle AND trailer or caravan when hitched together and both are fully loaded.

TOWBALL WEIGHT: Downward force/weight of the coupling onto the tow vehicle’s towball.

ATM – GTM= Towball Weight.

Example: ATM of 2890kg – GTM of 2650kg = Towball Weight of 240kg.

know your caravan weights