Are you looking for a bike rack for your Jayco Expanda caravan? The Australian made Grip Sport caravan bike rack is strong, easy to use and with a simple adaptor can be used on both the caravan and the car – saving you the hassle of buying 2 separate bike racks.

In this video Christian Bold shows you how easy it is to use the Grip Sport caravan bike rack with a Jayco Expanda. The removable bike carrier allows plenty of room to lower the bed of the expanda without having to remove the support bracketry. When you are ready to travel you simply pack up the bed of the Jayco Expanda and then latch the bike carrier back onto the upright support and presto… your bike carrier is securely attached to your caravan and ready to have your bikes placed on it to travel.

Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre is an authorised fitter and dealer of the Grip Sport bike racks for caravans and camper trailers. Give us a call on 8544-8114 and we can help you with all your caravan bike rack solutions.