Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre can supply and install bike racks for your camper trailer.

Whether it is a rear mounted or draw bar mounted bike rack – we work to provide the best solution for your towing needs (and one that is also within legal requirements).

We can install all brands of camper trailer bike racks – and we can install a bike rack to all brands of camper trailers.

The GripSport bike rack is the perfect solution for camper trailers as they are completely adjustable and we can fit them over the top of any toolboxes and gas bottles on your A-frame.

Do you want a bike rack for your Jayco Expanda? Again, the GripSport camper trailer bike rack is the perfect solution as it has been purpose made for the Jayco Expanda.

We are proud to be a dealer of the Australian Made GripSport caravan bike racks. We have display models in our workshop and we are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Call us on (02) 8544-8114 and let’s have a chat about what you are wanting to achieve.

camper trailer bike rack


Yes, specifically the GripSport bike racks were made to be installed on the A-frame of the camper trailer.

Yes! The GripSport bike racks were made for you. The are completely adjustable and come in a range of heights so that we can install it to sit up and over the top of your toolbox and gas bottles.

It will depend on your camper trailer. We will need to check if you have enough strength and stability either on your rear bumper or if there is enough strength in the rear of your camper trailer chassis to mount a bracket to hold your bike rack.

We will also need to check that your bike rack won’t stick out past the legal limits at the rear of your camper trailer.

Yes, GripSport make a specific model of bike rack for the Jayco Expanda.