We’ve seen an increase lately in boat owners who bought a “cheap” second hand boat trailer or boat and trailer package; and then underestimated (or simply never considered) that the trailer will require replacement parts and maintenance. Replacement trailer parts cost the same – whether they are being used on a newer model trailer or a cheaper older second hand trailer.

Yes, you can purchase different brands and qualities of replacement parts and accessories – but at the end of the day – there is still a cost to buy the parts. If you are not going to service or repair the trailer yourself you will need to pay someone to do the job for you – and yes, that does mean more expense.

Remember, maintenance is an expense you need to plan for. If the boat and trailer you want to buy seems like the price is too good to be true – it often is. Remember to check the trailer thoroughly before you buy it. Ask yourself – does it need new brakes, bearings, axle, hubs etc…? Is there rust in the frame? Is the trailer registered? Check that the boat fits on the trailer and the trailer has been set up for the boat (and is the correct trailer for the boat – yep that’s another story…).

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