Boat Trailer GVM upgrades are available at Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre.

Have you ever worried that your boat is too heavy for your boat trailer? When it is, a GVM upgrade can sometimes be a more cost effective solution rather than buying a new boat trailer.

Utilising our onsite weighbridge, we can weigh and inspect your boat trailer to see what is needed to increase its GVM/ATM. We work closely with vehicle engineers to make sure your camper trailer is safe and legal for towing.

What is the process to upgrade the GVM of your boat trailer? 

Step 1: Book an appointment at Bold TCRC.

Step 2: One of our experienced tradespeople will assess your boat trailer.

Step 3: An RMS certified engineer will come out and inspect your boat trailer and report on what modifications need to be made to give it a higher GVM rating.

Step 4: Once approved, the modifications are carried out.

Step 5: The RMS certified engineer re-inspects the boat trailer to certify that it is now capable of a higher GVM rating.

Step 6: The engineer provides the certificate required to amend the boat trailer registration.

Boat trailer GVM Upgrade
boat trailer


If you are increasing or decreasing the GVM of your boat trailer you will need an engineers certificate to change the details of the registration at Service NSW. Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre can organise the Roads and Maritime certified engineer to do this for you.

We work with Roads and Maritime certified engineers specifically for GVM upgrades. While your boat trailer is with us we can arrange for the engineer to come to our workshop for you.

That depends on your boat trailer. Some do and some don’t. The first step is for the engineer to inspect your boat trailer and tell us what (if anything) needs to be modified so that they will certify the boat trailer and provide the paperwork to get your GVM upgraded.