Caravan parks may be temporarily closed and Easter Holiday travels have been turned upside down. If your caravan is stored at home consider utilising it while self isolating.


1. Working from home? Set up the caravan as your home office.

2. Turn on the power to the caravan and use the fridge and the pantry to store additional food and supplies to avoid having to leave home as often.

3. Turn the caravan into a parents retreat. We all love our kids but sometimes you just need an hour of quiet time to recharge.

4. Turn the caravan into a home classroom. The kids can go to the caravan each day for their school lessons.

5. Yr 12 students can use the caravan as a quiet study space.

6. If you have older kids you can let them ‘sleep out’ in the caravan.

7. If a family member is sick they can stay in the caravan to isolate from the rest of the family.

8. Set up your entire caravan and holiday in your front yard. Relax in your camping chair with your favourite drink, strike up the BBQ, sleep in the caravan and make the most of it.