Folding boat trailers are a great way to enjoy boating. When used correctly you can enjoy many happy hours of boating and kayaking and then store your trailer out of the way until you want to use it again. While this is a great solution for many who have downsized or don’t have the space to store a traditional boat trailer, they do come with limitations both in their usage capability and boat carrying capability.

1. Folding boat trailers are perfect to be folded up into the boot of your car, on the roof racks or on the back of your van and put together at your holiday destination for local, short distance usage. They are also great for those who are lucky enough to live very short distances from their local boat ramp. You often see a holiday traveler with a tinny on the top of a camper trailer and the folding boat trailer stowed in their boot or on the roof racks.

2. Folding boat trailers are not designed to be used at high speeds on open roads. The small wheel size limits travel speeds on most brands to approximately 60 – 80km/h. If you will be travelling on freeways or highways you should invest in a sturdy non folding boat trailer with 13” rims and tyres.

3. Folding boat trailers are designed to hold smaller, lightweight boats like tinnies and inflatables – not something the size of a Bayliner 1750.

4. Typically folding boat trailers do not have springs or suspension. This is because they are not designed to carry very heavy loads. The lack of springs also keeps the weight of the folding trailer down and makes it easier to assemble.

5. If you plan to use your folding boat trailer on a public road you must get it registered.

6. You still need to service and maintain your folding trailer, including the bearings, wheels and lights.

7. Know the origin of your folding trailer. There are a few folding boat trailers on the market, both Australian and imported brands, and you need to ask questions and be aware about the availability of replacement parts and warranties.
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