Summer is creeping up on us fast, the hot weather, the family picnics and of course boating on our beautiful waterways.

It’s Sunday morning, you have packed a picnic lunch, you have the kids lathered in sunscreen your ready and waiting to load the kids in the car, hook up the boat to the car and enjoy a day of boating. Now you’ve had the boat serviced, that’s ready to go, but what about the trailer? Do all the lights work? Are the brakes working and what about the wheel bearings, have they been checked?

It’s questions like these that when answered ‘No’ can lead to disaster. Unfortunately a lot of people take their boat trailers for granted and never have them checked or will only have the lights repaired when someone yells from their car “hey mate, your brake lights are out”

Most boat trailer manufacturers recommend you service your boat trailer every 12 months including replacing your wheel bearings.

5 things you can check on your trailer today are:

1. Are all brake, clearance and indicator lights working?

2. Is the winch winding smoothly and the webbing or cable in good condition?

3. Are the tyres in good condition? They need to stop a lot of weight!

4. Is the trailer plug fitting snugly to the vehicle?

5. Is the jockey wheel winding smoothly?

If you don’t enjoy winching your boat to the trailer or you would just like an easier way to launch and retrieve your boat you could consider installing a Boatcatch. Boatcatch is an innovative and easy way to launch and retrieve your boat with only one  person.

Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Center are your trailer specialists. We make trailer maintenance hassle free all year round at our conveniently located workshop at 5 Captain Cook Drive Caringbah. If you have any questions regarding your trailer we are more than happy to discuss them with you on 02 8544-8114 or drop in and see us in the workshop..

Enjoy a summer of safe boating.