Rego checks are a necessary part of owning a trailer or a caravan. They fall into 3 categories – Pink Slips (e-Safety), Blue Slips (AUVIS) and Brown Slips (HVAIS).

How long does a Pink Slip last? Pink Slip (e-Safety) Inspections are the annual rego check for all vehicles with a Tare weight over 250kg or with brakes. Pink Slips are valid for 6 months from the day the inspection is completed. This means you can have your Pink Slip inspection carried out and vehicles that pass will have the inspection report “saved” in the back end of the Service NSW website until activated when you log on to the Service NSW website to pay your registration fees.

How long does a Blue Slip last? Blue Slips (AUVIS) are the registration check required for unregistered vehicles with a GVM up to 2000kg. A Blue Slip is also required for any vehicle transferring it’s registration from interstate or imported from overseas. If the trailer or caravan has not previously been registered in NSW it will also require a weighbridge ticket (which we can do at Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre). Blue slips and weighbridge tickets remain valid for 28 days.

How long does a Brown Slip last? Brown Slips (HVAIS) are required for unregistered vehicles with a GVM over 2000kg. This also applies to vehicles transferring registration from interstate and also imported from overseas. Again, if it is the trailer or caravan’s first registration in NSW it will also require a weighbridge ticket. Brown Slips and weighbridge tickets are valid for 28 days.