Every year we have many customers who sustain damage to their caravan awnings. The most common caravan awning repairs are because the awning was left open in a storm or strong winds. The second most common caravan awning repair we see is accident damage from them colliding with trees and other stationery objects while the caravan is moving.

This damage is not only limited to the awning fabric itself but strong winds can also bend the awning hardware which is the arms of the awning that extend out from the caravan walls. What many caravan owners either forget or don’t realise is that when their caravan awning is damaged in a storm most insurance policies will cover its replacement.

Why do I say replacement? The fabric of a caravan awning is attached to a spindle that is pre-tensioned at the time of manufacture. The most efficient and recommended way to replace awning fabric is to purchase it on a new pre-tensioned spindle – not on its own to be wound onto the existing spindle. Not only does this provide the correct new fabric but having it being pre-tensioned inby the manufacturer ensures it is easy to use.

Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre can assist you with repairing and replacing your caravan awning. If you are claiming through your insurance that’s fine with us. We are happy to work with all insurance companies to make your repair as easy as possible. Not sure what to do next? Give us a call on 8544-8114 and book a time to bring your caravan to our workshop and we can have a look at what has happened and advise you on your options.