Bold Trailer And Caravan Repair Centre (Bold TCRC) supplies, repairs and installs awnings for camper trailers.

Awnings are very popular on camper trailers and some would even say essential if you are going to set up and stay in the one location for a periiod of time.

Popular brands of awnings for camper trailers we supply are Dometic, Carefree and Fiamma. Along with the awnings themselves, there are also the awning hardware (the arms on the side of the caravan) and anti-flaps (as the name suggests – to stop the wind flapping). We can also supply privacy rooms and screens to maximise the enjoyment of the outdoor space of your caravan.

Do you currently have a bag awning on your camper trailer? We can change these over to roll out awnings so you never have to deal with the zippers again.

Is your camper trailer currently without an awning and you would like one? Not a problem! We can measure and install an awning to your camper trailer for you (or supply it and you can DIY).

If the awning on your camper trailer was damaged in a storm or strong winds, the replacement of the awning is often covered by your insurance company. Bold TCRC can carry out the required insurance assessment and quote for your insurance company, liaise with your insurance assessor and do the repair for you as quickly as possible – getting you back on the road to enjoy your travels.

camper trailer awning


We supply Dometic, Carefree and Fiamma awnings for camper trailers.

Yes – in most cases your awning is covered as part of your camper trailer insurance policy. If it is damaged while travelling or while left open at your camp site – you have a good probability that your insurance company will cover the cost of replacing your damaged awning.

Yes. We can order in replacement parts for most Fiamma awnings.

Yes you can. We do this on a regular basis. Give us a call on (02) 8544-8114 and we can help you out.